GORIDR eliminates the need for a personal ride-booking app. No data? No problem. The Concierge has your back. Smart and easy ride request in minutes!


The GORIDR Premise?

Simple - To create nodes at multiple locations by deploying the Concierge at every node, to provide a networked access to multiple classes of vehicles on-demand or booking in-advance.

GORIDR’s Concierge is a smart, ride-request device stationed in the city’s premier hotels and residences. The Concierge is an easy-to-use, sleek, and interactive self-service kiosk.


GORIDR works hand-in-hand with hotels, residences, and prime locations in order to server their valued guests better, making sure their guests get the best user-experience.

  • The concierge eliminates the need for a manual/phone call taxi order by the staff.
  • Its ease of use and reliability have venue guests coming back assured of convenience. Tourists and regular taxi passengers never need to worry about their ride again.
  • A GORIDR Management Interface, custom-designed for your venue
  • 24/7 access to a smart customer interface that showcases:
    • 5 Vehicle Classes from reputed limo companies.
    • Rates per transaction up-front.
    • Multiple payment options(including charging to the guest room account.)
    • On-demand and Advance booking for every ride.
    • Ride status linked to customer's mobile

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